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New Access Database Solutions and Access Database Upgrades
Whether your current database solution needs an upgrade, or you need a new database solution altogether, we can help.
Update Your Access Database and Fix Broken/Corrupted Access Databases
We will enhance your database solution when your business process change, or fix it when it breaks or becomes corrupted.
Access Database Conversions, For When Access Can’t Handle All of Your Data
Sometimes you just have too much data for Access to handle, and need to scale your solution. We can help with that too!

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Access Programmers has a mission to help people improve productivity through the effective use of technology.

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We’re glad you’re here. Our years of experience has determined that Microsoft Access is the #1 application of choice for many small businesses and specialized processing needs within larger companies.

We are extremely proud of our track record of successfully assisting hundreds of our clients to improve their productivity while saving costs.

Access Database Development

We specialize in performing custom databases designed to your specifications using Microsoft Access. We will successfully work to seamlessly upgrade older versions of Access so that your business productivity will increase.

Our clients can be found both locally in the Chicagoland area as well as throughout the country. We are able to connect to your database remotely via the internet, so distance is not a factor when working with us.

Microsoft Access Database Consulting

Microsoft Access consulting is a main part of our development plan.  We are the certified Microsoft Access programmers, and will develop custom business solutions to your needs.

With over 16 years of experience in Microsoft Access database consulting services, we will help you make the right decision from the beginning. The Access Programmers consulting team has experience in database applications for the health, legal, manufacturing, and financial industries.

Will Access Meet Your Needs?

If you are thinking about using a database program like Microsoft Access instead of an Excel spreadsheet or storing data in lists, you might be wondering if Access will be able to meet all of your needs. The following are a few factors that you might want to consider:


How many people will be using the database?
Even though the latest version of Access will support up to 255 concurrent users, it is more practical to select Access when there will only be approximately 15 to 20 concurrent users.


Are all of your users located in one location?
It is more practical to select Access if the application will only be accessed by people in one centralized office.

Spreadsheet Size

How large is your spreadsheet?
A spreadsheet can generally handle approximately 65,000 rows. If your spreadsheet is approaching that limit, you might want to consider using a DBMS (Database Management System) like Microsoft Access.

Storing Large Amounts of Data

A single table in an Access database is capable of storing more than 1 million large to medium-width records or 5 million small-width records. Small width records are defined as those records that have 3-4 numeric or short text fields.


Are you on a tight budget?
Microsoft Access is a popular choice when there are monetary constraints to consider. Access is often the database of choice to fit a project’s budget due to the cost benefits.

As with all guidelines, there are always exceptions. Feel free to contact us to see if we can help fulfill your needs and determine the right solution for your business.

Typical Uses of Access

Perhaps you are thinking about developing a system for managing and retrieving your information and are not sure if Access may be the best solution for you. Today, standard database technology is used in countless applications around the globe to store data results from the execution of all types of computer software. A database is the preferred storage method for applications that can have anywhere from one user to multi-users and where user access coordination is required

Featured Case Studies

Specification Management System

This Microsoft Access database application provides for engineers worldwide to input and query on engineering specifications. The parameters are stored in a centralized SQL Server database hosted at a data center at Corporate Headquarters.

Estimate and Invoice System

The Microsoft Access application is used for generating estimates, invoices and reports.