How to Add Criteria to Your Query

You may want to add selection criteria to your query.

Select the qryBookAuthor query that was created in the previous section, and then click Design to open the query in Design view.


In the AuthorID column in the query design grid, click to clear the Show check box. This field was included by selecting the * from the Author table. Clearing this checkbox will prevent the field from appearing twice.

Enter ‘Magic Terror’ in the Criteria row for the BookName field.


On the File menu, click Save As. The following pop up box will appear. Save the change to the query as a new query called qryMagicTerror.


The new query now appears as ‘qryMagicTerror’ under the Query Objects in the example below.


On the Query menu, click Run to view the results of the query. Note that the query returns the book and author information for just the book Magic Terror and that the duplicate AuthorID has been removed from the query results.


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